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Fieldglass Connect brings together suppliers of contingent labor and services with the right buyers. As a supplier in Fieldglass Connect you will receive automated notifications of new buyer requests that match your capabilities. Quickly find ready-to-buy organizations, without the time and expense of traditional marketing. It also allows you to rapidly advance through the process of becoming a qualified vendor for a new customer. It will also help you identify when your services do not align with a prospective customer, so you can stop wasting precious time and resources trying to secure their business. And, once you are registered in Fieldglass Connect, your Master Data will always be synched with your buyer's back office systems, eliminating laborious updates and communications.

Step 1


Create a company profile so Buyers looking for the services you offer will find you. Search the Buyer community for potential matches, then submit an application to improve your search results.

Step 2


You will receive an email notification when a Buyer wants to engage you in their vendor qualification process. Some Buyers include an audit as part of their vendor qualification process. The answers you provide may be scored and audited.

Step 3


Upon successful completion of the vendor qualification process, you will be invited to join the Buyer's Supplier community and will receive a Fieldglass Supplier account.

Supplier Benefits

  • Free Registration
  • Unlimited access to customers who match your skill set and are ready to buy
  • Search for new business opportunities
  • Become a qualified vendor for large organizations more quickly
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